National Herald scam and charges on Sonia and Rahul

National Herald Scam

National herald scam is one of the biggest scam done by congress leaders in the our country. A company called Associated Journals Limited (AJL), was established in Lucknow on September 9, 1938 by Jawaharlal Nehru on Congress money, ran three newspapers, National Herald (English),Navjeevan (Hindi) and Qaumi Awaz (Urdu).  While the paper suffered from financial troubles from the outset and was shut down briefly in the 1940s and 1970s, it finally ceased operations on 1 April 2008.

In March 2011, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi floated a firm called Young India Limited (also known as “Young Indian”), and both have 38 per cent stake of AJL and both are director.And there are two other directors also who have the remaining 24 per cent. One is Oscar Fernandes, the other is Motilal Vora.” Both are senior Congress politicians.

Young India proposed to buy the liabilities of AJL, which amounted to Rs 90.21 crore, for Rs 50 lakh to be taken out of the Congress coffers. Allegedly, the party also paid an additional Rs 1 crore for renovation of Herald House, situated at 5A Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg (the road in Delhi known as the “Press Area”). This is only one of the many properties AJL owns; its entire real estate wealth is estimated to be worth between Rs 1,600 crore and Rs 5,000 crore. And according to petitioner Subramanian Swamy such a big amounts to misappropriation of property and criminal breach of trust.

Tax Payer Money Was Used To Promote National Herald

According to Subramanian Swamy after becoming the PM of India Nehru just misused the power and money of taxpayer to promote and  benefit the AJL. Also Nehru helped AJL to collect huge donations and buy properties at will.”He (Nehru) used government power to give National Herald land to build new buildings, (get) bank loans at cheap rates, etc and the company grew. Property-wise it grew very well. It had land all over India, huge amounts of land, buildings, etc.”

What are the allegations of Subramanian Swamy?
1. In 2012, Subramanian Swamy filed a complaint before the trial court alleging that the owners of Young India limited were involved in cheating and breach of trust in the acquisition of AJL by Young India limited.
2. Subramanian Swamy alleged that they did all that to acquire defunct National Herald and so the AJL which is worth Rs. 2000 crore now.
3. He alleged that Young India limited paid just Rs. 50 Lakh to own entire share equity of AJL.
4. He also alleges that the fund given by Congress to Young India was illegal because under the Income Tax Act, no political organization can have financial transactions with a third party.

What said by trial court in the case so far?
The court(Metropolitan Magistrate Gomati Manocha) has summoned Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and other four owners to appear before the court on 19th December. The court observed that Young India acquired AJL with an intention to convert public money to personal use and all the accused were part of it.According to court National Herald scam is a big scam and Nehru family made big profit from national properties and misused the power.

What congress is doing?
Now as usual congress is playing a dirty political game to misguide the country and wasting the valuable time of parliament.They just want to make National Herald scam an political issue to come out it safely.Congress has refuted all the claims and said that YIL was created with an aim of charity and that the said case is “politically motivated”.

What we are doing?

National Herald scam reached to parliament and leading to logjam for the fourth consecutive day. As citizens, we needn’t be worried about the non-functioning of the Parliament because we should have grown comfortable with it over the year. If we haven’t, then we aren’t tolerant enough.So we are trying to prove our tolerant nature in-front of others.

Political business of intolerance

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