Political profit and loss business of intolerance in India

Truth behind the business of intolerance in India

Today intolerance became a big business in our country, we all know few days before it start in India and it was a biggest problem of India(as it was being spreaded). Every problems has its own market, like pollution problem in China, when it became dangerous in capital of China then a company started sale of fresh air.If tomorrow problem will grow then its market will also grow and company will make huge profit from it.And after that this company will never allow to purify the natural air at any cost because a natural pure air will stop the business.Similarly intolerance, a problem of yesterday in India has been converted into the business of profit and loss.And so many business man has bought the share of this growing business of intolerance to make profit as per their convenience.For a example some secular and extra talented people of India bought the share of intolerance just before and during the general election in Bihar, and during the result of this election they just took the profit and went away.

Some one from Bollywood also invested in this business by broadcasting a message that India has been an intolerance place and he and his wife don’t want to allow their children to grow in this country.But after their investment when people started showing intolerance for his upcoming movie then he realized it a bad investment and again broadcasted that here is no intolerance in India.It was just like a small investment to take loss to save the bigger investment in the business of intolerance.

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It is simple that if it is suiting to you then day by day intolerance will increase till the result(election) otherwise it will be disappear before the release.People are using brand value of intolerance and doing his business. It is so easy in country like India to make such kind of problem as a big business because in India people makes their own definition for any things I mean same thing can have different meaning for different group of people in this country. Lets see about secularism , people from some specific community promotes them self like a brand ambassador of secularism but their secularism have the boundary around their own community only, it means if you are agree with what their community are doing and saying then you are secular other wise you are communal and intolerance too.

Investment from political party in the business of intolerance

Now again lets talk about intolerance because because it needs more attention.We can see it in latest drama in our parliament where some political party are crying and wasting money of poor common man because they caught in a scam and our judicial system asked them to present in court.Rather than simply presenting and respecting the judicial system they starts making profit from the business of intolerance .

If honestly we see in nut shell then we will find that intolerance is not among and due to the common man of country but it appears when a CM abused to PM of the country and says by pointing the finger that “I am not afraid of anyone”. Intolerance appears when a old ruling party tries to protect their corrupt leaders and starts drama in parliament with the statement from corrupt leader that “I am not afraid of anyone because I am daughter in-law of Indira Gandhi”. All the corrupt parties knows the power of the business of intolerance and they are just investing in it to take profit and glow their political career.

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