Setting a start up in village is a good decision

Setting a start up in village

If you are looking to setup a start up and you have an option to do it in village or very small town or rural area then it will be good to go there and start your business.This is time to move back to rural area to do the business and live a peaceful life in fresh air. Setting a start up in village is easy and can be started with less investment and on the same time return from business in rural area is high due to low cost of running.I belongs from village and saw several people are running their business very easily and living a comfort ,easy and fearless life.Here I am not trying to say that moving towards rural area is good for everyone but yes it will be good decision for those who have some basic setup or resources in village because sign is good for it.

Above image shows that how 1.2 billion population is distributed among different areas of country. This data shows that around 10 % population of whole country are living only in 8 cities, which is a big amount if we compare it with area of these cities.So on the long run life inside these cities will be more tough and stressful.

Due to high crowed and modern life style business number of business opportunity in urban area is higher but on the same time competition and pace of life is extremely high compare to village which makes these opportunity worst. And if we talk about market then in India future market option are more in village because mostly population lives in rural area and they are willing to improve their life style too. Day by day their purchase power is getting improve and they are also getting connected to other part of the world. Here I am not saying about whole rural area of the country but yes we can say that mostly rural area of India have these ability.Also Indian government is willing to provide more support to a business in rural area(specially if it is related to farming). Setting a start up in village will be more easy and beneficial for long run, and your coming generation also can enjoy a healthy and less stress life if are settle in a rural or less crowded area.

(Above image shows the sales of some daily used products in rural vs urban area of India)

Many problems got created in cities due to over crowed

Some years before in India it was not so good to stay and setting a start up in village, to make better career people were moving towards small or big cities to do job or business but now time has been changed, almost every major city in India became over crowded and so much costly to live.Most of the Indian cities are only dependent upon service sector and due to high population load and less opportunity people are bind to work more hours in less salary.And this is making people life worst.Also other public resources are are not getting improved as it must be improved. Same time in the business competition level is so high that to start a new business or maintain even a small business is tough.Mostly business opportunity is being taken by only big player of the field.

Living in a city often means higher salary, more opportunities, more commodity options, more education resources, better medical care, and so on. However, these things are gradually being available in villages nowadays. On the contrary, there are a lot of things only people who used to live in villages would understand. People that have never been to villages couldn’t get the real beauty of village lifestyle.In the city everything is getting costly like food,education,travel etc. And health issues are also a major problem in city due to high level of pollution which impacts our efficiency.

These days in the village almost every kind of facilities are easily available . Road, electronic and social connectivity is also better(but in city due to high crowed and traffic road connectivity is worst). On the same time around 70% of Indian population are living in village area so it is easy to find a good market(city markets also can be access from village). Raw material,labor and resources are also cheaper and easily available in village(Except electricity problem everything is good). Due to high availability of space and labor it easy to expand business in village with a low investment also in village competition level is not so much high as compare to cities.

Urbanization has been for years the main trend around the country. Most people who were born in villages rush into modern cities.Obviously, there exist great differences between village lifestyle and city lifestyle. But now things is getting change.And now people have to re-think about this trend.Inside the country like India a smart village is more beneficial than a smart city.This is the why Indian government is also promoting to any start up done in rural area.

Apart from a better business opportunity in village here are various other benefits of living in village.

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