Best business to start in village

Business to start in village

Since last 2 or 3 decade urbanization is on pick in India and due to more opportunity in city compare to village, a huge number of population kept moving towards urban area which made almost every big city as a over crowded place.Most of these migrated people are engaged only in service sector(Private or government ). It is also true that only service sector can't full fill the need of such a huge population in any city. Most of the Indian population believes only in service job, due to this tendency work force in service sector got over crowded and now it is very difficult to maintain work life balance during a job in service sector(It is not the case of all but of many) .
Above graph shows that most of the GDP of country is still dependent on service sector  but not on manufacturing sector.This is the time to re-think and put hands in manufacturing/production area to capture the potential market easily available inside the country and become an entrepreneur .Establishing a manufacturing firm inside the urban area is not easy for those who have limited budget to start it,but they can start a small business in rural area with limited investment because resources and labor cost are comparatively low in rural area but available market is good to grow with less competition .Below are some good business to start in village.
These business ideas, not only make you survey in village but also may make you millionaire if you are dedicated to your work.
(These ideas  are described in a way that products are made cheaper in village and sold in urban at hefty margin)
  • Pet care & adoption center:

    This is one of the booming business segment, You can start this business at small village and use online classifier like quikr and olx to promote your business. Make sure to present your Ad with full description and images of pet to attract more customers. People will rush to your village for adoption.

  • News paper pouch & shopping bags:

    Reuse news papers for making medical shop & bakery pouch. Highly demand especially places where the plastics are probated (Hot cake business in tourism spot) . You can buy a Kg of waste news paper for Rs.10 and sell pouch for Rs.110 - 130/kg. This products are difficult to get it done in cities but can be done in villages by encouraging underprivileged women entrepreneurship in your village. Get the product done from women's' and keep a margin and sell to metro distributors by being in your village.  By following this, not only you develop your personal economy but your complete village along with you... Get ready to face politics, its not just business.. its revolution.

News paper shopping bags like below are trending products in metro super markets.

  • Container pallets and wood packing:

Wood is one of the cheap material in most of Indian villages.  using that, can make container pallets and wood packing. These products are highly demand in commercial logistic and export oriented industries. I believe, most of the big logistic companies are already sourcing this from semi rural and rural areas because rurals are highly price competitive in this segment. These products are manufactured based on logistic standard and customized sizes based on industrial products. You can expect good volume and hefty profit margin.
  • Mushroom cultivation –

    Easily cultivated in village and highly demand in urban

  • Bricks making & selling

  • Selling flowers and plant through online market place

  • Mineral water packing

  • Handmade products

  • Poultry farm and eggs

  • Local goods(Veg,Fruits etc) production and distribution:

    Selling groceries, vegetables, fruits and dairy products to mega stores like reliance fresh, future group. These companies even offer logistic service to farmers places on daily basis to pickup items – Note: If you want to start this business, you don’t want to invest on cultivating these products, just source from local farmers as much as cheaper and sell to mega stores being at your village itself.

​You can also sell above items on on-line market place like bigbasket and zopnow – I think, they offer pickup service from farmers place.

These are some more small production business to start in village

  • Fish Production
  • Running a coaching center or convent school
  • Plastic toy making
  • Beverage production(like biscuits Namakin etc.)
  • Rice and pulse packing and selling

Below are some service related business to start in village.

  • Laundry services

       Laundry is trending and fast growing business. Tie up with few gated communities or on-line start-up (You can     approach online start up to support on operation because operation cost in urban is expensive than rural due free access to water resource ). You can run this operation in your village and arrange frequent truck to urban from your village for to & fro of clothes.
Running this operation in village is very economical than urban due free access  to water resource, less labor  & real estate cost for cloth inventory and machine installation (Go with 2 or 3 commercial washing machine).
  • HR consultant for delivery boys:

    Steep growth of E-commerce  companies like flipkart, amazon and snap deal are in the desperate need of delivery boys. Provide human resource (delivery boys) to these companies. You can source this human resource from your village. This job doesn't required high skill & education back ground.

  • Business process outsourcing (BPO):

    Operating BPOs in metros like Bangalore Mumbai and Delhi are very expensive in terms of real estate, human resource and over head cost. You can start BPOs in small town at very less cost in terms of real estate,  human resource (you can get reasonable English and fluent regional speaking sources) and overhead cost.

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