Free basics Internet is a trap from Facebook, Support Net Neutrality

Free basics Internet is a trap from Facebook

Facebook started a aggressive campaign for their free basics internet services(former known as And now this time Facebook is utilizing it's social media platform to trap the maximum people before the end of Dec-2015 , from India to support for it's big billion business called as free basics internet .This is more interesting that just like any other post on Facebook, people are spreading and sending email to TRAI to support the free basics internet services and kill the net neutrality, even without reading and knowing the truth behind it.So in short we can say that people are being trapped by Facebook. Mr. Mark Zuckkerbugs knows very well that how to make people fool to make free basics internet a successful profitable business for him.Entire population of India has got mesmerized by Mark Zuckkerbugs actions Like donating 99% of his wealth , but people don’t know the mathematics behind the donation.His every move is well crafted and the people of India is now under the cast of his magical spell.Any one who will Oppose his actions will now be considered as evil in the eyes of the people of India.And this way he will be success to get control over whole internet and covering India would be a big steps for his plane , and after that he will make such a huge profit from it that 99% donation of today would be just nothing in front of future profit of Facebook.

Facebook simply wants to control the whole internet and then they will force people to browse only those sites which Facebook wants to promote.Facebook just wants to re-define the internet and new definition of internet would be 'Facebook'. People of India unknowingly are getting the part of a campaign to convince India’s telecom regulator that it should be allowed to run Free Basics, a subsidized internet platform that gives people Facebook and a few other services for free while violating the principles of net neutrality on which the internet was built.

Business behind free basics internet services

We all knows that practically nothing can be free in this corporate world so how it is possible that Facebook will provide free internet for any one.Actually if we see in behind the scene then simply Facebook wants to build a platform where only Facebook would be the boss of everything and this platform would be a great place for advertising the any bullshit from Facebook(As most of Facebook revenue comes from advertising the things over it). So free basics internet is not a free services at all but it is a trap to control whole internet of future generation.Facebook says it doesn’t show up ads in Free Basics, but it also spends Rs. 100 crores – a third of its India revenue for promoting Free Basics via ads hoardings, full page newspaper ads, SMS. This is because the Free Basics Internet is itself a very big Advertising platform camouflaged under the name of Free Basics.Facebook says that Free Basics doesn’t have ads, but does not say that it will never have ads on Free Basics.


Facebook is projecting itself like a guardian angel which helps the poor and under privileged internet connectivity, but the main features of internet connectivity such as VOIP, messaging, video services are not allowed in Free Basics.If Facebook is that worried about poor people in India it should be setting up Wi-Fi’s at rural areas (Which Google already does using balloons) or give away limited data for people who have not used data packs so far. But it won’t do, because Facebook is not really worried about the poor and the underprivileged as it says, it attempts to dominate and rule the internet and to maintain its very own survival to avoid becoming another Orkut or Google plus.Free basics internet service is just a emotional game and Facebook is only player of this game, so it is very much clear that who will win the trophy.

Please don’t fall in this TRAP of Facebook. Freebies never made for the good of common man. You can take any example from history and from recent cases of Indian politicians as well. And at last, you all are too good to judge any good for you.

Facebook want’s to Rule the Internet

Net neutrality is the ability of a user to access everything in the internet without any further charges and with exactly the same speed for all the websites. Free Basics is NOT an open platform. Facebook defines the technical guidelines for Free Basics Internet, and reserves the right to change them. They reserve the right to reject applicants, who are forced to comply with Facebook’s terms.
Free Basics Internet isn’t about bringing people online. It’s about keeping Facebook and its partners free, while everything else remains paid. Users who pay for Internet access can still access Free Basics for free, giving Facebook and its partners an advantage. Free Basics is a violation of Net Neutrality.

User data privacy on risk:

Simply allowing Facebook to control free basics internet, allows Facebook to control the content that people can or can not view.The only source of info on Facebook’s Free Basics is Facebook, and it misleads people. Facebook was criticized in Brazil for misleading advertising (source). Their communication in India is misleading. People find the “Free” part of Free Basics advertising from Facebook (or FreeNet free Internet) from Reliance misleading (source).

Facebook gives data to the NSA (source) and this is a security issue for India.

It is sad that our telecom and ministry is wiling to allow free basics internet services and I would say here that Facebook is not at fault this time but TRAI and Telecom Ministry Is At Fault Here.It’s our very own TRAI and Telecom Ministry who wants Facebook to win. And this is a very serious situation for Net Neutrality in India.I supports current government's movement and works but it seems that our government wants to give the control of Indian internet in the hands of Facebook for the cost of  support to digital India by Facebook .

It is in our hand only to protect internet for our future generation.Free Basics Internet is a very big lie that Facebook made up to increase its dominance over the internet and to prevent the rise of another Facebook in Internet.Thus, it is absolutely clear that via Free Basics internet, Facebook is actually killing Net Neutrality in India.

So just think twice before support free basics internet and if you got the point then please support net neutrality by sending a message to TRAI from Last date for this support is till 30th Dec-2015.

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