Meditation and its benefits

Meditation is to achieve the purpose of life and it is the very simple and useful way to stay relaxed.

Inside every human being has a quiet man whom we call conscience. The conscience is always right and so perhaps it is said to be a part of God. All great men have admitted that conscience is the voice of God and it is not associated with any particular religion.

The simple way to be happy is that always listens to your conscience, because your conscience is always right in each and every circumstance.  It is our conscience which stops us from doing wrong when we eager to do by ignoring our conscience we become weak, and then we contact our conscience. We can lose out close contact with conscience by ignoring it again and again. As we tend to ignore our conscience, so it becomes so weak that our contact with our own conscience does not hear its voice at all. As contact with our own conscience becomes so weak, we seem & feel to be depressed and try to find happiness in material goods .We would not be able to solve the problems and our stress becomes our companion. Meditation is the best way to get our conscience back.

Benefits of Meditation

Self Control and Self Realization:

As we are not close to hear our conscience we cannot control our own lives and we do not recognize ourselves what is right and what is wrong. We cannot control the situation. Then we feel laziness, fear, stress, greed, anger, pride and envy us get out. To Self Realize Meditation is a best method to control ourselves, which makes our life easier and happy. Concentration Meditation increases our confidence and the perception of our problems changes .We solve our problems and also our creatively increases to ease the stress.

Bonding with God

 All great people have believed that our conscience is a wonderful power .We also feels sometimes that may be our conscience is part of a divine or God; our conscience is always attached only if they are correct in every situation. Swami Vivekananda has said - “You may not believe in God until and unless you do not believe in yourself” Daily meditation seems to be constantly the amazing experience that we express it by words. It helps us to get answers to those questions which cannot be solved by human being.

Healing Power which facilitates us to get the unlimited Happiness.

 Meditation is a natural state of mind which is far from our inner emptiness. It helps our live happier rather than to find happiness in material goods .Every moment of our life is happy and we can learn to live in reality. When our mind is satisfied then our Concentration increases. We can solve the problems better and see possibilities to get rid of it.

Healing Therapy to get rid of Diseases

It is said that most diseases cause anxiety or stress (Stress). Through meditation we can make the mind relaxed with positive energy and it makes our body healthy. Research has revealed that Meditation and Healing Power is beneficial to many diseases, including cancer and diseases of many kinds. Meditation can overcome most disease which is caused by Stress.

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