5 Conversation Hacks That Will Make You Unforgettable And Likeable

Certain people just seem to have a way with words. It comes to them naturally like maybe breathing
or sleeping. You meet these people at dinner parties, business events, family gatherings or other
social events and they seem to come across as a pro at handling any given situation with their witty
comebacks, one-liners and more. But do you think these people are great conversationalists right
from birth? Well, maybe or maybe not. A few of us might be gifted in the speaking department
(thank the genes), but for the rest of us, practice is the key or Conversation Hacks.

So what is it that really distinguishes a great conversationalist from an average speaker? Well, the
former is a pro at having interesting conversations, which revolve around two things.
Van Edwards, in her book titled “Captivate”, wrote that these people encourage others to talk about
themselves. A study by Harvard neuroscientists Diana Tamir & Jason Mitchell discovered that people
would pass up money for the opportunity to talk about themselves.
And the second factor according to Edwards is ‘information’. Memorable people present fresh or
interesting information into conversations; they never indulge in the small talk. According to a
research by neurobiologists Nico Bunzeck and Emrah Duzel, new and amusing information makes
people feel good.
Here’s a round-up of five Conversation Hacks that will make you a remarkable conversationalist.

10 rules we should follow to have a better conversation

1. Change Your Conversation Starters

This is a best Conversation Hacks, a new research by Harvard found out that asking questions, particularly follow-up questions, makes you a better conversationalist and hence more likeable. So the next time you’re meeting someone
new, instead of using a boring opening line like “How’s work?”, try using something more particular
like “So, working on any exciting projects lately?” Similarly, instead of using the default question, “What do you do for a living?”, try asking something like this, “What are you passionate about?”, followed by- “Do you live for your passions?” and so on.
These questions will not only make you more unforgettable, but also keep the conversation flowing

2. Be A Better Listener

It’s really not hard to differentiate a good listener from someone who is just plain disinterested in
what you’re saying. Small but crucial signals such as nodding your head, sitting upright, making an
eye contact or smiling help boost the conversation. According to studies, the simple act of smiling
triggers the release of dopamine, a mood-boosting hormone. When this dopamine is released,
you’re automatically assigned more significance. To make your conversations exciting, respond with
verbal prompts such as "wow" or "amazing," and use gestures to convey your interest.

3. Find Common Points Of Interest

A number of people put a full stop to conversations by denying to find common points of interest.
Do not be the type of person who remarks things like, “You know I don’t really like adventure sports.
They’re not my thing.”
Instead, try to establish a common thread, be curious and ask questions that get the other person to
open up about his point of interest. You never know when you might also develop an interest in the
same thing.

4. Remember The Names Of People You’re Conversing With

A major blunder that people commit is that they forget the names of the people they’re speaking to
and then hastily remark, “Sorry, I missed your name. Do you mind repeating?” Well, that’s a big
bummer for the person on the other end.
People tend to appreciate and remember those who have a remarkable memory and use their name
few times during the conversation. According to a study, people reply better to their names as it
authenticates their identity. Recalling names implies that you are a detailed person and this makes a
great conversationalist stand out.

5. Be Enthusiastic

Unless you’re really enthusiastic about hearing what the other person has to say, the conversation
won’t last long. Bring out your curiosity, be interested and open in talking to other person and ask
intelligent questions judiciously.
Make the other person feel that you’re willing to know more about him. This is the only way you can
become an interesting conversationalist yourself.
Don’t forget to share your conversation hacks in the comments section below.

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