Who is running, time or we? Time is running out or not?

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So far in the life we heard several times that "Time is running out very fast and every one need to catch it to become success". And all we need is time. Time to figure out who we are, who we want to be, and where we want to go.Also we heard that time flies and we are the pilot.

But, is it true only time is flying or running or we also? If we honestly look at our daily life style and routine then we can say that we are also running even faster than time.So time has been changed and it is big question that actually who is running time or we?

By morning it feels that we are running , and we don't have time to seat and think.Every day there is morning, there is an evening. But, we are always in big rush and it means we are not in our control, means we are not enjoying.Wendy Lstbader believes it.She is a big sociologist of Washington University's School of Social.So it seems we are also running unnecessarily not only time.

We are working speedily. And also seems running while sitting.A kind of hurry has been developed in our behavior.Every one gets only a single chance in life.And among them some people seems very relax and other are running in hurry, difficulty and they are gasping too.This is not necessary that people who are always in running does a good jobs, and also it is not true that people who seems in relax does the less work.

Actually rush is not related to a good work.We are in relax or rush always we should be careful about our time.There is a fix time for each and every work , and that work must be done within their time.If it is not being done in time then there must be some valid reason behind it.In the life rush is important in some situation but it is also required to seat and think deeply.Because a steady and deep thinking always produce some thing useful and better.Because re light is also important like the road.Red light stops us but on the other hand it clears our further way to run.Either we are in running or sitting , we should avoid the rush. There is a difference between speed and rush.

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