Secret of Happiness In Life – A Motivational story

What is Secret of Happiness In Life?

Secret of Happiness

In the human life every one wants to be happy in his life but we all know every living person has a lots of issue and sadness during his or her life.Here. I am trying to share a motivational story which teach us a lesion to get happiness in ou short span of life journey.

Once upon a time there was a great sage who lived in a small village. And People bring their own difficulties and sage would guide them to get it resolve. One day a man came to the sage and asked one question to sage, he asked that I want to know what is the secret of Happiness forever in human life . The sage told him walk in the woods(wild) with me, I'll will tell you Secret of Happiness.

With these words, the sage and the man began walking towards the woods.In the way sage picked up a big stone and told to man to hold the stone and move with him.The man did the same he grab the stone from sage hand and continue walking with him.

After some time the man started feeling some pain in his hand but didn't say anything to sage and emain continue with walking.But after much time the pain increased such a level that man was not able to bear it, then he said told to sage that pain is high and it is hurting him.Then sage replied that "so put down the stones" . After hearing it from sage man followed it, he just putted down the stone and tarted feeling lots of relax in his hand.

Then the sage said - "This is the secret of being happy (Secret of Happiness)" , the man said - I do not understand Guruvar(Master).

The way to keep the stone in hand for an hour is more painful than putting the same stone in hands for a minute and pain will increase if time will increase.Same way keeping the burden of sadness with us for long time will increase sad and we will be disappointed.
So it totally depends upon us that we are keeping the burden of sadness on us for a minute or for whole life."if you want to be happy then learn to lay down the sadness kind stones quickly, and if it is possible then simply try to not to hold that sad stone". This is the secret of happiness

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