Avoid a false promise to make a healthy relationship

Impact of false promise to make a healthy relationship

If you want to make any relationship stronger and healthy then be completely honest and don't make promises that you can't keep, that's all. And it is well said that "broken vows are like broken mirrors. They leave those who held to them bleeding and staring at fractured images of themselves". Before making a relationship it is good to know the value and impact of  that relation in your life and then you will be able to make true promises during that relation.

Every relationship have its own value and impact in individuals life, might be same relation have different importance for different people, but every relation have some core value and associated expectation from related person. In our life we all are binds in various important relationship like child - parents ,husband - wife,sister - brother, friends, lover etc. And these all relations involves various promises to keep it alive. And due to our super busy time frame it is not easy to complete the each and every promise we are making in all relationship.But when we fails to complete any promise in a relationship then it really hits the bonding of that relation.True promise is the key to make a healthy relationship.

So it is very important to do the proper analysis of any relation and make only those promises which you can complete in your busy schedule, it will help to make a healthy relationship.Because rather than making several false promise it is far better to make a single promise and complete it.For example if you are a father\mother of a child and every day you are promising your child to bring some thing which your kid likes , but at the end of the day you are failing to complete it, then one day your child will stop believing\loving you and this relationship would be in big trouble.But on the other hand if you are promising your child once in a month for something and you are just completing it then definitely your are creating a strong bond in your relation and your kids will love you more.

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These days more people believes in love marriage rather than arrange marriage(In country like India arrange marriage was more popular than love marriage), because love marriage allows every one to choose their life partner as per their expectation and like. But it is also a bitter truth that breakup (divorce) ratio is higher in love marriage than  the arrange.There are several reason behind the unstable love marriage but false promises is one of the biggest reason to breakup in this relation. During initial stage of this relationship mostly peoples hides their truth and makes several false promises to their partner to attract them.But later (after marriage) when they fails to complete these promises then it becomes a bone of contention between them.So always avoid a false promise to make a healthy relationship because making a false promise is like cheating your loving one.


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