Impact of generation gap

What is generation gap?

Generation gap is difference of attitudes between people of different generations, leading to a lack of understanding.And in general word it is a situation in the family or society where younger generation have some different perception\thinking about something compare to their parent or older generation.This differences of thinking or perception can be about life style,education,culture,relation and its value,technology etc.

Causes of generation gap.

As every day human are achieving something new for their life, and for old generation it is very hard to learn and understand the new things which are coming in society and their life on the later stage of the age.But on the other hand younger generation have better resources and situation to understand new thing along with old (As always younger generation learns existing things from their older one) also due to advancement of technology and it availability, now whole world are very well connected. So for younger generation it is easy to learn new things and adopt the culture which is popular in other part of the world.Also day by day new generation are becoming more proactive and they wants to become success in their life very quickly, so due to this ambition they are making hard effort to gain most knowledge in less time. New generation also gets benefits from their parents to gain more knowledge in less time and they starts their journey on a smooth and decided path created by their parents for them which leads generation gap between them on later stage.Except from these causes, various kind of negative thinking and bad expectation also leads generation gap.

Impact of generation gap.

Generation gap is visible inside the each society and country of the world, but mostly in developing country like India and China impact of generation gap over the society is high, because inside the developing country new generation are in a kind of rush for getting success and due to this rush a huge knowledge gap among their family are being generated.Here I am not trying to say that generation gap is not present in developed country but in developed country old generation are more capable to understand the changes in society and they are changing them self too very quickly to adopt new thing which are coming in their life.

In my opinion here are two side of generation gap "good side" and "bad side".
Good side are those side which makes youngster's to be able to understand the technology and economy movement very quickly and it helps them to take a initiative on early stage of life.If a good generation gab is happening within a poor class of society then it is a positive sign and it helps them to come forward and become success.Causes of good generation gap are better education, opportunity and culture given to new generation.
On the other hand a bad side of generation gap is those which creates cultural differences inside the family.Due to bad generation gap youngster's stops respecting and listening to their older generation.Parents always struggle to prevent their kids from doing things that their own experiences and wisdom tell them is going to harm their kids. The kids on the other hand try constantly to prove that parents are doing wrong and trying to take control of their lives. They want to live a challenging life and do not shy away from aspiring high. This attitude is completely opposite to their parents who want their children to live a simple and comfortable life. Neither is wrong – they are both right in their own premise. The parents blinded by their love for the kids would rather have their own experiences replace the experiences of their kids. Whereas, the kids are convinced that their decisions are right and are based on current situations that the parents may not necessarily be aware ofMain causes of bad generation gap is bad culture,information and education provided to or gain by newer generation.Bad generation gap always broke the family and culture.In the bad generation gaps newer generation starts hating to their older general for their lac of knowledge.Also older generation starts blaming to new generation for their bad behavior.

How to avoid bad generation gap?

To avoid the bad generation gap it is very important for both newer and older generation to understand the situation of each other. Older generation should learn from newer generation to enjoy the age of tech and on the other hand it is the responsibility of newer generation to help their parents to understand the new things.Communication between different generations is imperative  as it helps in resolving issues, understanding one another's feeling and maintaining faith.Both generation  should spent much time together.

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