5 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Love

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Think how you would treat yourself if you were another person, dating you. Would you be kind towards yourself? Would you respect your body and soul?

In the journey of life, I’ve noticed that many a time, we’re too harsh on ourselves, we beat ourselves up with destructive self-talk and abuse our bodies through wrong choices. These behaviors not only hamper our mental and physical well-being but also mess with our work and relationships.

A person in such a struggling relationship with himself can never fully attain growth and peace. And this is why the whole self-love concept is gaining such a momentum amongst millennial. However, self-love is more than just pampering sessions at the salon or witty quotes on Instagram. Self-love is when we’re truly aligned with our own beautiful and unique spirit. Self-love is when we respect ourselves and regard our well-being as the utmost priority. Unless a person has such a relationship with himself, he cannot truly receive and give love. After all, how do you expect others to love you when you cannot love yourself? Indeed, the greatest lesson anyone can learn in life is how to completely accept and respect himself.

But how do you really go about loving yourself each and every single day? In today’s post, we’ve rounded up 5 simple and wonderful ways you can practice self-love and set yourself on the path of abundant growth and well-being.

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  1. Treat Your Body Like A Temple

The day you realize that your body is a temple, you will stop abusing it with empty calories, alcohol and other destructive foods. Everything you put in your body has a certain vibration and that decides whether it will nourish you or absorb all your energy. So, a healthy wholesome diet, that is high in antioxidants, proteins and minerals will not only nourish your mind, body and soul, but also improve your relationship with yourself. Sure, that decadent rich brownie might be tempting or that bag of fries might be calling you. But, it’s about time you control your cravings and enrol yourself for a yoga or gym session.

  1. Use Positive Self-Talk

The biggest relationship you have is with yourself and the way you speak to yourself manifests as results and events in your daily life. After all, outward negativity is simply a reflection of inner self-ridicule. The more you remove negative thoughts from your mind, the more positive your outer reality will become. Give up the victim mindset and take ownership for your actions. Stop comparing yourself to that celeb on Instagram, that model on Facebook or even your friend who just got a makeover. Remember, we all manifest our blessings at the right time and in the right way. So, start practicing constructive thinking and positive self-talk by learning to see the good in every situation. Soon, this will come so naturally to you that no amount of outer negativity and chaos will be able to hamper your inner peace.

  1. Prioritize Your Needs

You might be the kindest person on earth, but if you’re not kind to yourself, then it all goes in the trash. In order to build a healthy relationship with yourself, you must first recognize your needs. With a lack of self-love, you’re ignorant towards your own needs and prioritize those of others, simply spreading yourself too thin. Self-love is essentially about recognizing your personal needs and making them a priority. It’s about doing what really works for you.

  1. Set Healthy Boundaries

As you’ll begin to love yourself more each day, it’ll be easier for you to identify what is good and what is not good for you. In other words, the more you love yourself, the lesser you will tolerate other people walking all over you or disrupting your positive energy. You will begin to understand what you can and cannot accept in your life. Begin by journaling a list of all the things that are healthy for your mental and physical growth and set healthy boundaries with others.

  1. Find Your Own Happiness

If you think happiness lies outside of you, then you simply don’t understand life. Sure, you might find euphoria and a certain high in fleeting moments and memories, but never mistake that temporary high for true happiness. Self-love is the single most powerful tool that can set you out on the path of long-lasting happiness that doesn’t depend on people, situations, and material possessions.

Remember, self-love is not selfish. It is all about being in tune with your innermost self, embracing your uniqueness and celebrating your freedom each and every single day. So ditch the shame, cut out all the outside negative voices and go on having this divine and wonderful relationship with yourself. Love yourself first!

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