10 new year resolutions for a better 2018


Its that time of the year. Each year brings in its own set of learnings and experiences. Did you spend your 2017 well? Yes, no, maybe? What's gone is gone and here we are, almost at the doorstep waiting to give 2018 a warm welcome. Here are some new year resolutions you can make to bring in a happier 2018.

1. Have a desire and keep it burning.

A lot can be thought and nothing be achieved if you lack desire. So begin with the simplest yet toughest but still the most significant task, ignite a desire and live by it. Put it on reminders, notes, charts or walls. But keep it alive. It's important that you never forget why you have it and why it should be inside you. Brimming and hopeful.
Now since you have it in you with a mindset of perseverance, let's move on to some great new year resolutions for 2018.

2. Fit and flawless.

You might be obese, slightly overweight or thin or skinny or maybe you "look" healthy. If excercise or any physical activity is not in your routine then add it. You will never know how better your body can be and do tasks you never thought it was capable of. Try some fun physically challenging activities this year and gift your body it's best new year gift.

3. Read.

I totally swear by this. Books are companions you never have to impress at a party or ask out for movies and not even have to share food. See? And they will give the best advice, the best company and immense wisdom and maybe some amazing pick up lines to impress that girl in the bar.
On a serious note, reading is a fruitful habit. Give yourself a favor by reading and trying out different genres. Every time you read you make a new friend.

4. Personality development.

Ok let's agree upon this. We all need it. We all are flawed and yes we can change a thing or two about it. Are you rude? Be polite. Are you too polite? Well stand up for yourself.
We all have our weaknesses. How about overcoming some of them this 2018?

5. Travel.

If around the world is possible. Great. If not, well how about a long walk to the lake or the nearest park? Save a bit for travel this year. Try something new. Start by visiting a nearby hill station or beach whatever is better. Give yourself a chance to see things outside your phone screens. If you can manage a solo travel, even better!

6. Make new friends.

Cast down your inhibitions and make friends. It can't be that bad. Just wish a hello and see where it goes. Friends are the essence we have in our lives and an amazing connection can take you to places. Inculcate a genuine friendship this year.

7. Try out a new hobby.

Hobbies are stress busters. Try out something which you have always wanted to do or something which might hook you on. You can try dancing, learning an instrument, a language or even hacking. Ethical hacking though. Treat yourself with some skill this 2018.

8. Less social media, more life.

Yes I know your Instagram account is all happening and that your Facebook profile picture has just been liked by 200+ people and oh! not to forget the 'love' and 'haha' reactions.
Take a break you guys. It ain't that bad. Keep yourself out from pixelated screens for a while everyday and observe life.

9. No more bad habits.

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I know you know them. I know you understand that they are bad. I know you promised yourself that you won't do it. Well, try it out again. Again and once more till you finally give up what's pulling you back. You can do it. You can overcome it.

10. Another shot at love?

Yes the mundane things in life get to us. Yes long distances are unbearable and yes close ones are sometimes even worse. But hey we all love love. Isn't it. Singles, give yourself another chance at love. Maybe you or the other half messed it up last time. But we all can try again. The ones who are committed can obviously better their bond. And not to forget, love yourself hard and then the other.

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Hope this new year you gel some of them in your life.New year resolutions have meaning as long as you are willing to take the challenge.

We at Impulsive Mind wish you luck and a very happy new year.

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