7 Things Happy People Do Differently From Others

How happy are you and why? This is one question that can turn around your life. Happy people have a contagious energy that can spread like wildfire in a jungle. While happiness seems to emerge from external sources like a job promotion, getting married, new car, etc., it is indeed essentially internal and has got a lot to do with the way you think. In other words, happiness is not an external achievement; it’s an internal force stronger than any outside challenge or circumstance. Here’s a round-up of 7 things that happy people do differently.


  1. They practice gratitude

You certainly cannot find a happy person who isn’t grateful for at least five things in his life. Gratitude is great for your body as it helps you deal with trauma and stress, increases self-esteem and often helps get rid of negative emotions. Science also suggests that gratitude is strongly correlated with life satisfaction. Lastly, grateful people are good at compartmentalizing. They don’t let a hardship in one area of their life percolate into other areas of their life.

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  1. They build a strong social fabric

Happy people always maintain good relations with their friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers. They’re aware of the fact that if you live in a society, you cannot act isolated and expect positivity in your life. Furthermore, these strong networks act as a buffer to depression and create meaningful connections. In the previous 50 to 75 years, depression has affected adults tremendously. While several forces are likely behind this increase, one of the most significant culprits may be the disconnection from people and communities.

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  1. They do not base their happiness on material possessions

Happy people have a healthy notion of how much pleasure material possessions can bring. In fact, they know that excessive dependence on material things only brings unhappiness. This is because there is no limit to the number of material possessions you can acquire in one lifetime and if you base your joy on them, you will always want more and never be truly satisfied.

  1. They focus on physical health & well-being

Good food equals good mood and this is one notion happy people follow religiously. They look after their well-being and treat their body like a temple. Their diet contains antioxidant & magnesium-rich foods that help uplift mood such as-

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Banana
  • Lentils
  • Nuts
  • Asparagus
  • Whole Grains
  • Carrots
  • Oats
  • Dark Chocolate

Furthermore, happy people always keep their body hydrated & mind rejuvenated by drinking at least 7 glasses of water each day.

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  1. They indulge in random acts of kindness

Happy people volunteer their idle time in helping others. Science has proven a strong co-relation between kindness and well-being, health, and endurance. Random acts of kindness assist you in feeling good about yourself and others and the consequent affirmative emotions improve your psychological and physical spirit. Remember, kindness doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of huge donation or a great act of social service, it can be as small as helping an old woman cross the road or listening to someone in trouble.

  1. They cultivate spiritual emotions

A growing body of science believes that religious & spiritual people are healthier, happier and pull out more quickly from stress than nonreligious people. This is because such people always try to find a deeper meaning behind their life sufferings. They don’t attach the blame for their sufferings to anyone but themselves. So be it a victory or a defeat, they gain something from both the circumstances.

Cultivating such deep spiritual emotions is important for building psychological wealth that helps us see the bigger picture and connect with something larger than our own selves. And there’s no true happiness without psychological wealth.

  1. They have a direction and sense of purpose

Working endlessly without any purpose or direction in life is like driving on a dead-end road. One strategy that happy people always utilize is working towards meaningful life goals. Such people set out standards not only for themselves but also for the universe. They’re constantly seeking to increase the value of their lives. They hold morals that they care about and results that are worth working towards. After all, you don’t really have time for something unless you make time for it and when you realize this, the rest of your life begins.

Happy people have established a particular set of strategies over-time that enables them to see life differently, with a clear vision. Don’t forget to share your strategies towards building a happy, fulfilled life.

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