Top 7 zodiac signs as best friends.

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Many of us believes in impact of zodiac signs over our life style and personality. Here I am sharing some positive and negative general characteristics of top 7 zodiac signs.

1. Libra

Librans are most peace loving practical peeps and most influential one of the top 7 zodiac signs. It's rare that you see a libra arguing on things because they consider peace and harmony to be the best win under any situation. Got some serious relationship issue? or break-up? or any top secret? Libras are besties to share with. They are the finest secret keepers and no amount of persuasion can make them gossip about it. They console and empathize as your another mother and drink along like another brother. Being a balanced sign they weigh the pros and cons and give you a genuine advice to work upon.

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2. Scorpio

This sign is torn by passions. You are either yes or no, a black or white, a world or non-existent. Scorpions will be the most dedicated friend if you are in their good books. Once they have "tuned-in", you will receive heaps of attention and love. They are the ones you can rely in your tough times as they offer a rock solid support.

3. Leo

A leo is out and open. They are expressive, loud and a generous bestie. Leos are best known for their parties and gifts to their "pride". They put in the hardest of effort to make you go all gaga on your birthday, anniversary or any occassion. A crazy party enthusiast, leo is the man to call and hit the road!

4. Capricorn

This bestie is an old school. Capricorns are the ones who are extremely devoted,well kept and neat-to-be-with bestie. They are not loud but like ocean their emotions run deep. They are good and meticulous thinkers and rely only on tried and tested paths for any situation, so their advices have the least probability of failures.

5. Sagittarius

A bestie who won't let you sit and breathe. They are the adventures of the zodiac. Born travellers and nature enthusiasts a sagittarius is the best person to call in the middle of night to pack their bags for the next morning. They have a spiritual inclination deep down and you can have a "real" conversation about all the mysteries of life and universe with them.

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6. Pisces

Clearly the "sweeties" of zodiac. Piscean besties are highly emotion driven beings and do everything they can to make your day. They give in too much too soon which can cause them trouble if they are not vigilant about who is on the receiving end. They are sensitive and love their friends relentlessly and unconditionally. A piscean bestie is a lot of hearts and flowers and make a great companion.

7. Aries

An aries is a hit or a miss. They are amazing partners in travelling, binging, or gossiping. A fire driven sign, Arians may become moody or short tempered at times but for them love and friendship is always one step forward than anything. They are super energized and will not let a dull day pass by when you are with them. Dependable and strong headed an arian is the friend who has your back.

Every sign adds beauty to the world. The quality of friendship can not be generalized for all but nonetheless it is always fun to read and relate with different signs. Every sign adds a unique essence to friendship and take this read light heartedly. These are only some general impact of top 7 zodiac signs but it can't be generalized at all. Although there are many factors which affects impcat of zodiac signs.

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