Some good and bad effects of quitting smoking

what happens when you quit smoking?

It is not easy to quit the smoking but it is possible and every day hundreds of smokers are doing this to save their life and money.As here are huge list of bad impact of smoking but here also have some good and bad effects of quitting smoking over the body.Here I am pointing those impact which creates after quitting of smoking.

1-Good Impact:

  • Blood pressure of smokers is always high. So if he will give up smoking, their blood pressure will be shut automatically. Normal blood pressure is to keep nicotine away.
  • Also blood circulation of the body seems to be completely.Due to no smoking throughout the week the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood decreases on its own.
  • When you quit the smoking it increases the level of oxygen in the body. Blood circulation in the body becomes good. After quitting of smoking damaged skin seems to glowing.
  • It is believed that when you stops smoking only for 2-3 days, your body will reduce the amount of nicotine on its own. Because of the increased nicotine brain does not function correctly.
  • Increases the body's ability to function. And you will feel more healthy and active.

2-Bad Impact:

Below are few bad impact for short time after quitting of smoking.

  • Desire of smoking produces headache in the head.
  • ¬†drowsy and laziness feeling.
  • After quitting smoking may have constipation, diarrhea, nausea and stomach problems.
  • ¬†change in voice, cold and sore throat are common.


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