Surprising survival of this poor fish for six months with only half its body

Poor fish for six months with only half its body

This is really sad and heartbreaking but it is true that in Thiland this poor fish is surviving for life since six months with only half its body.In the below video it can be seen that how this  fish is still bobbing around like nothing’s wrong.

Yes, I know that it sounds insane to share this kind of video, but it’s exactly what happened to this poor fish.

I am not sure that why these people just not putting this poor fish to out of pot so that she can be free from this kind of pain . I can’t imagine that life is very much fun for a fish missing half of its torso.

(Source: matichon tv)

This is really unbelievable that a fish can manage to live for more than six months without her body.But it is true and seems miracle too. On the other side it is a great lesson for human that give up is not a solution for any difficulty.If a fish can survive for six months with only half its body then why not we can fight to live rather than just giving up.

It is true that these day a huge number of people are committing suicide because of some hard time in their life but, is any thing really harder than surviving for six months with only half its body ? I don’t think there would be anything.

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