How To Prepare For A Job Interview And Land Your Dream Job

Let’s admit it: preparing for a job interview can get intimidating for the best of us. However, if you walk in with confidence, know what you want, concentrate on how to present yourself as an asset to the company and leave a lasting impression, you can surely land the job of your dreams.

A job interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and the most crucial part of an interview are the first 30 seconds. Rob Yeung, a business psychologist, suggests that an interview is all about the three Ps. “You must prepare, you must practise, and then, on the day, you must perform.”

Here are 7 ways to prepare for a job interview and land your dream job:

  1. Make the First Impression

A smile and a firm handshake can secure you a sweet spot in the good books of the employer. Make a genuine eye contact and walk like you own the room. Try to keep the conversation flowing without indulging in small talk or getting personal. According to Liz Anderson, a human resources manager, “The first 30 seconds are when the interviewer subconsciously makes judgements about whether you are suitable for the team for not.”

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  1. Be Well-Equipped

Go through your CV and the job advert thoroughly before the interview. Do your homework and find out everything about the company and its culture. Make sure that you pre-think the answers of the possible questions you might be asked. You might also be asked about the salary so make sure you research that too. Furthermore, dressing well is always important for positioning yourself as a strong fit in the employer’s mind, especially in creative work cultures.

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  1. Have A Professional Online Presence

In this digital age, an online presence is more crucial than ever before. The difference between landing a job or not can be as simple as your unprofessional online presence. To your surprise, potential employers go through all these things to make judgements about you as a person. Tidy up your current social media accounts and use privacy settings to correctly handle your online image.

Next, ensure consistency within your online handles. Whether it is a blog that you created, your LinkedIn profile or your Twitter account, ensure that you are displaying content that is in sync with the image you are trying to get across. Building professional pages on these platforms can help keep your personal and professional lives unconnected and still preserve your online presence.

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  1. Why Should You Be Hired

Majority of the job advertisements list qualities they’re looking for – a good communicator, a reliable worker and so on.  Therefore, it’s important that you think of instances of how you can prove these skills. Be very vocal about your skills, experience, knowledge and abilities. Decide at least five strong points about yourself that you can relate to the company and the job being offered.

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  1. Expect The Unexpected

Your interviewer will try his level best to catch you off guard and test your patience. A study by Office Angels has discovered that 90 percent of the interviewers ask ‘killer’ questions in interviews. Even though it is not possible to prepare for every question, you can still try to appear calm and collected and be quick with the witty responses.

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  1. Control Your Body Language

A number of people cannot maintain their body language while using their cognitive skills at the same time. Remember, it is not just what you say, but also how you say it. During the interview, do not frown, fold your arms, lean back or look down. Sit in an upright position and try to maintain regular eye contact. Use your hands and lean forward while making a point. Sure, you may be anxious, but don’t let that be obvious or visible.

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  1. Build Rapport

Interviewees who bring in a positive energy into the room with their smile, good manners and a sense of humour always score high on the list of eligibility. Positivity is infectious and can even make the interviewer overlook a few of your shortcomings. Get your interviewer to speak about himself and the business. These tactics to build rapport will secure you a spot in the company’s employee list.

Do you have tried and tested hacks for rocking a job interview? Don't forget to share your views and tips in the comments section below.



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