Pain of medical cost in India

Medical cost in India is higher than most households’ annual income

Thankfully the second wave of reforms also extended to the country's healthcare sector.According to Director General Health Services (DGHS) in the coming days the private hospitals must have to set the price of its medical services and duly displayed on the board in their premises . But on the ground level it is still not implemented and right now the condition of the well-known hospitals are such that they are asking any amount from patient or relatives and they have to pay it. Hospitals are doing unwanted test for any normal cases to make more money from patient.No standard or control is defined by government over number and type of tests for a well known disease . Hospitals are charging Rs. 300 even Rs. 3000 for a medicine which real price in general market is only Rs.3.

We are welcoming digital India and trying to become a super power in coming future but it is true that without making a transparency in health sector it is not possible to achieve it.Today every Indians are spending around 50% of his\her earning as a medical cost(This is my personal experience and I believe it is true for almost whole middle and poor class of Indians).

Since birth till death every person have to go to hospital\doctors so many times and hospitals are making huge money by misguiding the patient. Every doctors have their own private clinic and they are charging Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 only for 5 to 10 minutes of consultation.As I observed after visiting to so many doctor for different cases for me and my family members that these people are their only to make money , their primary aim is to looting the patient with various false treatment. They are playing with the sentiment of innocent and helpless patient.

In our country medical related business(like hospitals, labs,clinic etc.) are growing with a unbelievable speed.An average people having some medical degree(doesn't matter real or fake) can make huge money by opening a small clinic.Here is no control over this business.Nothing. is standardized properly by Indian government.

Every day we can see that a hospital charges lacks for some kind of general illness from a poor person.Even after spending such a huge amount is not guaranteed that treatment would be world class.

Simply if you are going to a doctor for a case like pregnancy(regular checkup and test) then till the delivery of your child, you have to spend around 1 to 2 lacks (These days I am visiting to a doctor for my wife's for pregnancy care). As I heard from my several friends that during delivery hospitals are forcing to unnecessary surgical procedure to make more money from patient.Really it is shame on such type of hospitals and doctors who are playing with human life for making money.

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In India most of the heath services are under private sector and government have almost zero control over these privately owned health group or hospitals.And on the other hand condition of the government hospitals are worst.Doctors of government hospitals are running their own clinic after getting a thick salary from government.People are bind to go for these private clinic to get the treatment because they have no choice.In India approximately 78% medical expenditure comes from patients' pockets.A weak public health system is a key reason of poor health of Indians.Weak public health system forces even poor people to go to private hospitals to save their life by paying a high medical bills.

Now it is the time when government should apply some strict rule to control the medical cost in India other wise a lower or middle class Indian family will not be able to grow properly after spending their hard earn money over uncontrolled medical bills.

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