Misconceptions regarding smoking

Are you a smoker? If yes then do you know that due to regular smoking your are reducing your life. It is possible that due to smoking you will lost 10 years of you life.It is true, so if you want a better and long life then just quit the smoking now. It is possible to quit it, you have to take a strong decision and make your will power stronger.
If you stop smoking at any age then it will drop dangerous diseases like cancer and your life will grow. So now is not too late just do it.And do you know that if you are smoking close to their family member who are not smoking then you are making there life on risk as passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking.

People are not able to quit the smoking due to various misconceptions regarding smoking in their mind.We are telling that some wrong assumptions.

  • As people says that only nicotine in cigarettes is harmful. However, not only the nicotine present in cigarettes but it contain thousands of harmful chemicals. There are 50 of them which can lead to cancer.
  • Reducing smoking will not harm the body, some people have the misconception that it would be less damage to the body by reducing the amount of cigarettes. Many studies have shown that only reduce its volume is not good for the body. Doing so does much of the cigarette craving.
  • Taking healthy diet will not harm the body, people believe that the effect of smoking on the body will not be more if smokers take healthy diet. This is completely wrong. Chemicals in cigarette  impact on the body's organs and they makes them totally screwed. The only solution is to leave.
  • Light cigarettes are not harmful, to people who start smoking with the light later they becomes hard smoker. Although the Light packets of smoking is less damaging.
  • There now benefit from leaving it after so many years. But when you want, you can leave it and you will get benefit of it.
  • No benefit of leaving it,This not only reduces the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, but you are more aware mentally, physically active are more and taste of the food will be too much.

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