Importanceof protein in human body

Every age needs protein

Protein is important

We take care of the good quality fuel for the car but not the fulfillment of essential nutrients for the body and many people don't know the importance of protein in human body.According to dietician proteins related nutrient are the powerhouse of the body's which form new tissue and helps to repair damaged tissue. It makes body strong.It contains more than 20 amino acids, which are essential for the immune system. Our organs, muscles, hair, skin, ligaments and bones are made up of protein. Long-term effect of protein deficiency causes hair loss, falling through the cracks in the nails, lack of energy, etc., also it takes time to heal disease .Senior orthopedic specialist Dr. Subhash surgery, "explains that lack of protein in the diet is the one of the main reason for Osteoarthritis for youngest.It is important to take the protein diet to people having disc problem and long experiencing back pain. Vegetarians require special precaution. Vegetation protein are better than the animal protein.Soybean contains 40 to 45% protein.

Importance of protein depends upon age

According to dieticians, in general conditions it is advised to take 1 gram protein everyday against every kg body weight.For small children a day at least 18 to 20 grams of protein and 35 to 40 grams of protein should taken by teenagers. Pregnant women regularly take at least 70 grams of protein. Men must take protein as per their weight, 1 g protein per kg of body weight. For Senior people protein diet is much important to take care of damaged muscles. For those participating in sports activities require more protein.Who are high consumer of protein also needs to drink enough water, it is also important. Water makes better movement of proteins in the body .

Not protein but avoid excess of protein

According to dieticians, ideal food should have 20 to 25% protein, 65% carbohydrates and fat should be 5 to 10%. In the process of weight loss often it goes out of balance. Many people take dietary protein by 60%. This excess of protein in the body causes increase of fat which is not good for heath. The need to keep in mind that the protein alone does not build muscle. Since protein takes longer to digest, so a plurality of protein pts emphasis on kidney, liver and large intestine. Hence, high-protein diet is not advised to take at night.

How to increase the amount of protein in food?

According to dietitian Nita Desai for carnivorous there should be a balance between animal protein and vegetable protein. On the other hand vegetarian people should take tofu, soy, beans, nuts, fruits and dairy products in their meal.

These are source of proteins
Take Hridayrogi toned milk.
- Pumpkin, sunflower, peanuts, almonds, walnuts regularly drink.
- Wheat, soybean and chickpea with Piswate time Piswaan.
- Roasted soy and gram eat as snacks.

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