Immunity booster food and habits this winter

The season of quilts and snuggles is here. Winters unlike in Games of Throne has arrived  timely and is ready to roll. Winters are the commonest season where the susceptibility to cold, flus and big bellies increase exponentially.

So here are some tips to make this a better winter where the inside of your body is much warmer than your blankets.


Whatever the season be, vitamins never disappoint. Keep a regular check on your vitamin intake. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet at least once a day. There are ample amount of options available. Savour some seasonal fruits like pomegranates and guavas and relish dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach.
Also, for a better immunity build up take lots of vitamin C. Choose citrus fruits like oranges and indian gooseberries.
Indian gooseberry, commonly known as Amla is the richest source of vitamin C and will definitely prove to be the immunity booster food this winter.

Natural alternative of antibiotics

Winter specials.
Mother Nature has endowed us with her blessings in plethora of forms, winter foods being one of them. Some great immunity booster foods for a better winters are:

Pinni ladoos- This is a famous dessert eaten especially in north India. It is made with flour,ghee,dry fruits and much more. Ask the recipe from your grandma! It is considered a superfood as it made up of several ingredients which are a booster to your immunity.

Bajra- Winters are the time you consume bajra as it has several heath benefits in this season. Bajra being warm in nature provides a good defence against the chilly weather.

Turmeric- Include turmeric in your diet. This immunity booster food has been known since ages for it's magnificent effects on the overall health of individuals.

Soups- Develop a taste for soups if you have not, it will pay. Go for some warm delights this winters and indulge in soups which are brimming with immunity and health.

Dates- Have dates as a date for your little immunity party. This immunity booster food will help you regulate blood pressures and promote bowel movement. Dates have proven miraculous in treating iron deficiency anaemia as it is a rich source of iron. Being a house of minerals dates will definitely keep you warm and fit these winters.

Figs/ Anjeer - Figs are considered as immunity booster food which helps in relieving constipation, promotes weight loss and is also good for diabetes patients. It is available in various forms, dried fruit is consumed mostly.

Ginger- Talking about winters and that too without ginger? Nope. The most loved immunity booster food in India is chai/ tea. Though it depends on what you put in your tea. Here's my tip, add ginger to it. Ginger not only boosts immunity to fight flus and cold but also relieves inflammation and nausea.

Jaggery/Gur- There is no way better to end a meal than having a piece of gur. Remember how you grandparents always had it and your parents suggested you the same. Jaggery is an easily available immunity booster food. It is rich in iron, selenium and zinc which helps to fight common cold and running noses. Also it detoxes the liver and promotes digestion which is why it is preferred post meals.

Health Benefits of Nutrients

A lot of people miss out on drinking adequate amounts of water as they feel less thirsty. However your body will eventually suffer with lower immunity levels. Yes you will have to pee more but your body will thank you for the cleaner insides and glowing outsides. So don't miss out on water or else lower immunity will not let you out from the quilts.

How hard this can be? Ok I know a whole lot but don't you love that sweat smeared face announcing your little victory of the day out loud. Excercise is the second name of immunity and that should be done in any season for that matter. Yes you can alter the timings and do wear adequate layers for preventive measures.

Soak up some sun.
Bask in the happiness that sun brings you. It's a good source of vitamin D. It will strengthen bones and immunity. Sit out, relax and gain immunity. Simple enough right!

Out in the sun how can one not sleep? Give your body 7/8 hours of sleep and let your body enjoy the cosier pleasures of winters.

Thankfully most of our health requirements are being fulfilled by these immunity booster foods. Regular and mindful intake of these and certain healthier practices will do wonders to your capability to fight chilly winds.
Happy Winters!

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