Home based Ayurvedic treatment of melasma

Home based Ayurvedic treatment of melasma

Ayurvedic cures of melasma are best and effective way to remove melasma from skin.Home based ayurvedic treatment of melasma is cost effective and risk free, also it shows great results to reduce or remove melasma completely.A home base cure can take 78 months to completely remove the any kind of melasma from any kind of skins with no side effect.Any one can apply these cure on home with a very simple steps.
These facial treatment works toward the rectification of the blood circulation by way of the skin that in turn to detoxicate and revitalizes itself. Although the results might be slow but gives best effects than any other modern medicine or chemical based creams.

Below are some best home based Ayurvedic treatment of melasma, you may choose any one or can mix some to get best result in short duration.

1.Lemon,Milk,Potato and Onion Paste:

This is best home based treatment of melasma you have to create a paste of these items and apply over your face twice a day (One time in morning and one time in night) and left for half an hour then wash it with fresh water. It will show better results in few weeks also It do not have any kind of side effects. I personally used it in my case and found life saving for me.It is best ayurvedic treatment of melasma.

2.Orange Peel/Oatmeal Application:

This is also a effective and easy treatment. It is a good skin exfoliation that can lighten skin mark in very few days. Just take a fresh Orange peel/oatmeal mixed with milk apply this mixture on the infected area. Leave it for about 30 minutes then rinse it off with warm water and perfectly dry with a clean towel.

3.Aloe Vera Application:

This is also recommendation by Ayurveda and according to modern researchers, Aloe Vera consists of mucilaginous polysaccharides (MPS) that has a significant result on lightening the dark spots. Aloe Vera also mitigates and lightens brown spots and other blemishes. Ayurveda suggests this must be applied gently on the face and washing off after minutes.It is one of best ayurvedic treatment of melasma.

4.Turmeric Paste Application:

We all knows that turmeric is very much friendly to human skins and it plays an important role in treatment of melasma,the curcumin contain in it have a good antioxidant as well as skin lighting properties. Turmeric paste can be used on melasma for better result.It’s recipe is very simple take 5/6 tablespoon of turmeric with milk mix it well.Now add one tablespoon of gram flour in it apply gently to the affected areas and wash after 30 to 35 minutes with warm water.

5.Lemon Juice Application:

Lemon is one of the most used fruit in various beauty product because it has many skin friendly elements, So just apply lemon juice is also very effective remedy for melasma.Lemon contain citric acid,that helps to lighten skin.Its implementation is very simple squeeze a fresh lemon on your hand and apply it on affected areas. Now slowly rub and risen it after 20 minutes.

6.Paste Of Onion seed Application:

Onion is easily available and effective to skin, make the paste of onion seeds apply the paste on the affected area leave it for 15 minutes till it dries.Wash the face with water.

7.Tulsi paste Application:

Tulasi is very much beneficial for human body it is also part of large number of beauty product.Take some fresh Tulsi leaves extract juice from leaves and mix camphor in it, apply this thick paste on effected area and wash it after it dries.

8.Thriphala choornam Application:

Thriphala choornam is most used in Ayurvedic medicine and it can be used as face wash to prevent and cure melasma.Take 2 spoons of Triphala Churnam with 300 ml of water and keep it to soak for overnight. Boil this water till the color comes to brown, filter it and apply this warm water to clean the affected area gently and later apply above pastes.

As both honey both almond are full of proteins it have a best effect on skin-lightening. So, almond paste with honey is also a good remedy for melasma. One can use this paste by mixing one cup of raw unsalted almonds with half cup of honey. Just blend the mixture into paste and rub gently onto effected area and rinse after 30 minutes.
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