Health Benefits of Nutrients

Health Benefits of Nutrients












We need wide range nutrients to perform various functions in body and lead a healthy life. Nutrients are components in food that include carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Nutrients needed in very small amount are called micro nutrients while those in large quantities are called macro nutrients.Below are the different health benefits of Nutrients:


These are the sugar compounds made by plants when the plants are exposed to sunlight. It protects your muscles and assists in body’s absorption of calcium. Also helps in lowering cholesterol level and regulate blood pressure. It also provides nutrients for friendly bacteria in intestinal tract that aids the digestion. Some of the sources for carbohydrates are fruit, vegetables, grains, milk and its products, meat and fish.


Vitamins are organic substances present in small amounts in many foods. They are required to carry vital functions of the body and also perform hundreds of roles in our body.


A large number of minerals are present in body. Some form part of body structure and some act as a catalyst in many body functions. Calcium along with vitamin D helps in maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Phosphorous is the main regulatory of energy metabolism in cells. Mineral iron is a part of haemoglobin, which is a oxygen carrying component. Other minerals like potassium enable the contraction of muscles and keep normal water balance between the cells and body fluids.


Proteins are needed not only for muscles but also for skin, hair and internal organs. They are made of chains of amino acids. For each protein there are specific amino acids in specific amount. There are 22 amino acids. Eight of these are called essential amino acids because they cannot be made by body but are provided through diet.

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