A Deer’s Reaction After Seeing The Ocean For The First Time

Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean?

Even if you don’t, At least after seeing this video as a deer is enjoying the ocean, you can imagine how wonderful it was…the cool waves lapping at your feet.

This video shows that how this cute deer feels the moment and trying to enjoy every bit of times in his life. When French filmmaker Anthony Martin captured this video of a deer experiencing the ocean for the very first time, he wasn’t expecting her reaction to be similar to that of us humans. She became so utterly enchanted, running through the waves, leaping over the sand — there’s no question that she was seeing the most magnificent thing in her entire life.Deer is enjoying the ocean an trying to convey that it is very easy to celebrate the joy in a natural way. Only need to become silvan.


This deer’s passion and joy for life is absolutely infectious. Many people thoughts that it is very hard to enjoy the life but the way how this cute deer is enjoying the ocean is really amazing and natural too.There is no need to carry a big bag full with various tools for enjoy at bank of ocean but any one can walk to there with empty hand and enjoy a lots.

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