Best cure of Melasma

Best cure of Melasma

What is Melasma?

Melasma, or brown spots, is a common skin conditionProblem in which the skin pigment melanin is unevenly distributed in the skin. Melasma can affect anyone, although women with brownish-skin complexions are at higher risk.Melasma arises in several steps and is commonly developed in the forehead, cheeks, on the chin and around the upper lip. It can also arise in other areas, as well. Usually, it is developed in adults. Around ninety percent of all melasma cases are occurring in women – especially light brown skin types that get large amounts of sun exposure. Melasma is simply a large amount of melanin, collected in one spot. There are genetic predispositions to melasma. It usually arises with changes in hormones during pregnancies. It can be caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight, lack of melanin or vitamin-D in skin, excessive or uneven usage of birth control pills, homone replacement therapy and also during pregnancy. Some medications and facial cleansers, creams and even kinds of makeup, irritating the skin, can lead to or worsen the case of melasma. The skin is made of two main issue layers: epidermis on the surface and dermis underneath it. Between them special cells are situated that produce the pigment melanin. Although the condition is harmless,but people with melasma often feel self-conscious about their appearance and are irritated with this condition, so cure of melasma is necessary due to many reason.

Types of Melasma

1.Centro Facial Melasma :

This types of melasma generally affects the center part of the face with High incidence affecting the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, nose and chin.

2.Malar Melasma :

This types of melasma generally affects the cheek areas including the upper cheeks.

3.Mandibular Melasma :

This types of melasma generally affects the area of jaw bones.
It have also been studied that melasma affecting is very less on the other parts of the body such as neck, forearms.

Melasma treatment (Cure of Melasma)

Below I mentioned some best way to completely remove melasma to get a clean and glowing face. Although melasma is harmless but due to it a lots of women or girls lost their beauty as well confidence, and they don’t wants to appear in public due to melasma over their face.So just follow any one of below to make your skin free from Melasma.Any one can get rid of from melasma by using non surgical and surgical process.

1-Use Sunscreens whenever you are in sun light

We all know precaution is better than cure so and a hard suns light is major cause of spreading melasma over face.Melanin gives the skin its usual color and is travelling to new skin cells where it plays a protective part, absorbing rays of sunlight that could damage the skin cells otherwise. When melasma occurs, melanocytes in one area start overproducing melanin. Accumulating melanin gradually starts showing, creating melasma patches. Melasma gets increased with exposure to sunlight. Best method for stopping melasma from occurring or worsening is firm avoidance of excessive sunlight. It is advised to use sunscreens of SPF 30 or greater, every day. Sunscreens, using metallic element are probably the most effective treatment or cure of melasma, as they do not absorb the light. Wearing full-length clothes also helps. Even after the removing of melasma, it’s extremely important to avoid sun exposure as it may reoccur. Discontinuing certain medications, creams or makeup is advised, if possible.So sunscreens are best cure of melasma.
Below are some best sunscreens for all types of skins to use to protect your face from melasma.
1-Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Lock Daily Sunblock SPF 50
2-Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Drytouch Sunblock

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2-Use Melasma Cure creams over skin or face:

Using of sunscreen will protect your skin from Melasma but if you are already suffering from Melasma then you need to use some best melasma cure cream available in market. Besides making the skin fairer, these creams are effective in many other conditions like works against sighs of aging, sun spots, liver spots, freckles, acne, marks and more. Old scars also start fading with regular use of the cream. It also works against hyper pigmentation and brings out brighter skin. You can also apply it over the dark elbows, knuckles, knees or underarms.Below creams are some best cure of melasma.
1-Roselyn Anti Acne and Melasma Pearl Cream
Roselyn anti acne and melasma perl cream is formulated with the extracts of mangosteen & cucumber to nourish, moisturize and get rid of acne,melasma & also dark spots. Can also be applied as sun block protecting against UV Rays.Blend it with any moisturizer to use it as foundation.
2-Yoko acne melasma cream whitening
Also you can find more suitable and affordable creams for your skins.
Note: It will be better to get a doctor advise before using these creams, however these are naturals creams so no side effects founds.

3-Home based Ayrvedic treatment or cure of melasma

Here is some best home based cure for melasma. These cures are cost effective and with zero side effects, because these are totally natural.Home based cure will take 7-8 months to get rid of from melasma problem.
Ayurvedic cures of melasma are best and effective way to remove melasma from skin. As per Ayurveda saying facial beauty is the indication of mental, spiritual and physical being. It is a holistic medicine which addresses the problem from outside as well as inside. Hence, Ayurveda advises the traditional detoxification remedies driven along with rejuvenation remedies for this condition.
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Today various doctors are able to do surgery to remove damaged skin from affected area to cure the melasma. This process is costly also may be risky in some situation so avoid to go for surgery in first step and also when you are going for it then find a best expert doctor for it.

Food to avoid to prevent Melasma:

Tamarind, spicy and masala food, garlic, brinjal, green chillies, curd or yogurt, buffallow milk (should use only cow milk), liquour, sugarcane, eggs, fish, chicken.
Also avoid exercise in heat, birth control pills and stay away from sexual activities till it is cured.

Food to eat to prevent or cure of melasma:

1.Take 1 spoon triphala churnam with honey every night before sleep and every morning on empty stomach.
2. Make juice of beetroot+carrrot+cucumber+honey and have 2 glasses (500 ml) before breakfast (atleast 1 hour after taking triphala churnam as said above).

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