Global warming and its effect on atmospheric oxygen level


During the Paris climate talks, a study by a team of scientists from United Kingdom has revealed that the amount of oxygen level could decrease dramatically. The reasons behind the decrease in oxygen level are the alarming rise in sea temperature as well as the global warming. The decrease in oxygen level will lead to extinction of birds, animals and the human kind. It will be more devastating than any of the disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquake etc.

Sergei Petrovskii, Professor in Applied Mathematics from the University of Leicester's Department of Mathematics explained: “For about two decades now, global warming has always been a focus of attention of science and politics. Till now a lot has been spoken about its expected disastrous consequences; perhaps the most notorious is the global flooding that may result from melting of Antarctic ice if the warming exceeds a few degrees compared to the pre-industrial level. However, it now appears that this is probably not the biggest danger that the warming can cause to the humanity. Ocean phytoplankton is responsible for producing about two-thirds of the planet's total atmospheric oxygen. Rise in temperature can hinder the photosynthesis process. This would likely to cause in the mass mortality of animals and humans”

Sergei Petrovskii has shown that an increase in the water temperature of the world's oceans of around six degrees Celsius, prediction of some scientists says it could occur as soon as 2100, will stop oxygen production by phytoplankton by disrupting the process of photosynthesis.

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