5 innovators that are making India better.

Its the belief that their idea can actually manifest and thereby impact lives for better that these innovators innovate. With years of dedication and a rock solid will these people have changed lives of many. Today we will be listing some of the innovators from our country who are striving to make an positive impact in various fields.

1. Arunachalam Muruganantham.

The man who changed the lives of millions of women for better. He is the brain behind providing unprivileged women the access to a cheaper, healthier and safer option of sanitary napkin. In a time where menstruation was considered a taboo (unfortunately it still is) Arunachalam Muruganantham not only understood his wife’s ordeal but also worked tirelessly to solve the problem despite all the hurdles and mockery. He has been awarded a plethora of awards for creating a low cost sanitary napkin for all the poor women who couldn’t afford the ones which were being sold in the market. He had also worked in generating an overall awareness about the unhygienic practices regarding menstruation especially in various villages of India. His machine used for the manufacturing the napkins is much cheaper than the ones used in industries and has also given employment to many women who can easily operate, manufacture and dispense the product. He has given lectures at various eminent institutions like IIM, IIT and Harvard. Arunachalam Muruganantham is the perfect example of empathy, perseverance and his whole hearted endeavours are making India better.

2. Ritesh Agarwal.

An innovator who has deeply inspired the youth to be fearless, mindful and wildly passionate for your dreams. Ritesh is the man behind the affordable and amazing experiences at hotel rooms. Yes I am talking about the OYO company which has provided us with great hotels, amazing deals and happier stays. Ritesh made this startup a million dollar company at an age of 22! From being a college dropout to a boy who relentlessly worked and refused to give up to a man who expanded his business all over India and now even overseas. He travelled across North India to research his entrepreneurial idea and hotels and bookings became his major area of concern. And at the age of 24 he is dealing with millions of room keys and happy customers. Youngsters like him will keep making India better.

3. Anang Tadar.

An 11th grader who has devised Goggle for blind (G4B). This young lad from Arunachal Pradesh has made these goggles which can be worn by blinds and they do not have to depend on sticks. It working mechanism has been inspired from the sensory mechanism used in automobiles and is based on echo location. Echo location is what bats use to direct themselves at night. Clearly nature has got all the answers. His innovation has been credited the best at the regional science festival and Arunachal Pradesh government will be funding the upgradations in his design. Such young lads with great ideas and such support will keep making India better.

4. Jawwad Patel.

This engineering student has wowed everyone by creating water from air! An incredible invention which is making india better, the “Dewdrop” is a device which can convert the moisture in air to potable water. This indeed is an invention which will bless millions of lives around the world. It is a 3-D printer device which will suck in the air and has inbuilt filters to remove dust followed by condensation and mineralisation of water. It can make 1.2L/ an hour which can prove to be a blessing in areas like desert and lands which have not had enough rain.

5. Ashwath Hegde.

We are all aware of how devastating plastic bags and products are for the environment but there are few who work to better the situation. Ashwath Hegde is amongst those young innovators who are working tirelessly in making India better. Ashwath from Mangalore has designed “EnviGreen” carry bags which seemingly look like a plastic bag but is 100% eco-friendly. It is made up of potato starch and vegetable oil derivatives. It can decompose in 180 days and readily dissolves in water causing no toxicity. Furthermore it is also edible so no animal is at risk post consuming these bags.

So these are some of the innovators who are striving to not only make India better but the whole world. Being the youngest country in the world we have a lot to offer and definitely a lot to inspire from.

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