5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year

As the festive season is around the corner and so is our brain rattling over where to give 2018 a bang on start. Let’s see what all places we can tickmark on our bucket lists.Here are top 5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year.

Best Winter Holiday Destinations In India To Visit With Your Family

The perfect blend of orient and occident, Goa definitely tops that list. It is exciting, romantic, nerve-racking and at the same time peaceful, greeny and possess solace in its air. Goa offers a glimpse of the Portuguese culture and cuisine. Beautifully carved architecture and picturesque view of the beaches will give your heartbeat a halt. Hotels and resorts are available at every street at various affordable prices. You can enjoy a great deal of seafood delicacies and not to forget the music that flows in the salty breezes of Goa.


The churches are blissful and you can take a stroll in the streets on rented two wheelers. Goa is an amazing offering to what more an Indian culture be. Its quirky and fun. Goa should definitely be your first choice especially when christmas and new year are round the clock.

Snow-capped mountains and the gush of the rivers, manali is the land of skyrocketting mountains and adventures. You can try trekking or go for paragliding. Its a place where fresh air fills your lungs and scenic beauty fills thy soul. A hub of gorgeous monasteries you can experience the holiness of Buddhism and get to meet Lamas. Bus services and hotels are aptly available. You will see beautiful waterfalls emerging out of mountain’s heart as you drive away. The temples are a sight to behold, found both down and at lofty heights. Bikers will love to drive on the curvy and we’ll maintained Manali roads. It’s a great place to see this winter and one of theĀ Best Place to Celebrate New Year.

Talking about bikers and Enfields, how can Leh-Ladakh not cross our minds? What a euphoric start to an year will that be? You and your friends driving away from your woes and hello! Leh land! Leh-Ladakh is a wonderful destination if you have a drive for adventure but it is advisable to keep your records updated as number of roads are shut in winters. Nonetheless Leh-Ladakh is the land of high passes where you can experience the most beautiful blue sky at day and the “stariest” midnight of India.

It’s filled with lakes and breathtaking valleys where you can have the experience of your lifetime. Along with it’s picturesque beauty, it has a harsh weather too. So pack your bags accordingly. The innocence of the residents will melt your heart and the chivalry of our army men will make you proud. It’s definitely a must visit on our list. Choose this placeĀ to Celebrate New Year.

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The glory of the southern land can be experienced here. The gaudy and magnificent temples adorn the land. You can see the much awaited and extravagantly celebrated konark festival. Sun festival is celebrated in December. Also it has got some serene beaches to unplug and relax. Chilika lake is the largest brackish water lake in Asia and is a home to birds you definitely would like to click. The Puri temple holds its glory for ages and thousands of devotees pay their obeisance. It’s a great place to visit.

The land of Maharajas, Rajasthan has got music, handcrafted goods, uber luxurious people, fairs, festivals, dunes and what not! You can go for a camel ride in the infinite amount of sand or can visit the museums which showcase the royalty that once lived (still lives). Attractions like hot air balloon rides and breathtaking castles are a sure way for you to visit it again. The temperatures in December are apt for a visit. Nights can be really cold but a pleasant December noon will help you explore places in the best way. It has got some perfect examples of our indian finesse over architecture, art and intellect. This land also does possess its own spooky stories which makes the visit all the way more exciting. Rajasthan will not disappoint you this December.

So this is a quick guide to what all places you can see. Our country has tons of beauty to offer which lies in and more importantly beyond these places too. Nonetheless for a start check out these destinations and stay safe.

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