5 best bucket list ideas you can experience in India.

I guess when you bucket list a dream, it probably becomes more achievable. Just a thought. So here is the thing which has caught up a lot of pace in the recent years, "The Bucket List". Do you have one? Do you know what that means?
Okay so let's begin with the basics. A bucket list is a compilation of your goals or dreams which you hope to accomplish in your lifetime. It's like a to-do list which sounds much cooler and feels more exciting. Simple enough?
So there are some best bucket list ideas which you can experience anywhere you like but here I will be sharing the places which our country offers.

1. Bungee jumping.
I saw this adventure sport in a reality show and have been loved since. Bungee jumping is where you are tied to a rope and you deliberately jump or sometimes pushed down a height, height which elevates adrenaline levels like never before. It's a great bucket list idea who are in search for the ultimate rush and thrill.
You can try this out at:
A) Rishikesh
This place offers you the highest site to take the plunge. You dive from a fixed platform here. Also with proper security and trained professionals around, it is good place to have your first experience.
B) Goa
What is it that goa lacks? Apart from picturesque beaches and quirky cultures it also offers you best adventure experiences. You can give your best bucket list idea a shot here at Anjuna beach. With relatively lesser height it is more preferable to first timers.

2. Abseiling/ Rappelling.

It is sport where you rope down the heights. Waterfall rappelling is one of the best bucket list idea these days where you are going down on a mountain with waterfall.
Some suggestions for this:
A) Coorg, Karnataka
It is known for its beautiful landscape and a top destination for tourists. With a magnificent view this hill station is loved by all, be it newly weds or adventurers. You can try Chelavara waterfalls where trained professionals will help you get the experience you seek.
B) Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Manali has the best setup to serve your best bucket list idea be it rappelling or any other. You can check out Jogini waterfall which along with its mesmerizing beauty will take you to your dream adventure.

3. Paragliding.
This is the best bucket list idea for those who wish to be born as a bird! It's an experience which will fuel your soul till the very end. Paragliding is the go-to choice for all the adrenaline junkies. With advancement in the professional helps and gears paragliding has become one of the most loved sport.
Places where you can have an hands-on experience:
A) Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh
One of the most visited site for this sport. Bir is known for hosting the first ever world cup for paragliding. It's safe, it's fun, it's bucket list idea achieved well!
B) Yelagiri, Chennai
Down south you can visit Yelagiri to accomplish your best bucket list idea. It offers you paragliding at a mind boggling and exciting height of 2200 meters and you will see the most soothing green expanse on your way down.

4. Trekking.

Trekking is a soft adventure sport which is why it is the best bucket list idea for many. With proper guidance and a bag full of important equipments trekking will lead you to places your soul wants to see. Best trekking destinations in India are:
A) Himachal Pradesh
With bountiful greenery, mountains,serenity and adventures Himachal is the first choice to go for trekking. You can visit many places here like Bir, Manali or Kasol. With a plethora of guides and services Himachal won't disappoint.
B) North East
Apart from a magnificent north we are blessed to have a divine north east. You can take a trek in places like Arunachal Pradesh (Beyul of Pemako), Sikkim (Nathu La pass) or in Nagaland (Dzukou valley).

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5. Scuba diving.
For all the water babies scuba diving is the best bucket list idea. It's a sport where you dive underwater and discover the magic of the marine world.
Some major places giving you this dope experience are:
A) Andaman and Nicobar islands
The clean and blue place will offer you the best scuba dive. It's an amazing experience where you will see planktons to scorpion fishes and sharks of course. There are a number of places at the islands like Port Blair and Passage islands.
B) Pondicherry
Well how can we miss the France of India. Pondicherry will give your best bucket list idea wings or shall I say fins. With picturesque sites and amazing sea food, Pondicherry won't disappoint you with scuba diving. You can go to cool shark reef or 4 corners to see how it feels.

These are some of the most loved bucket list ideas in the world. Create a bucket list of yours where you pen down your dreams and I hope you achieve all of them.
Good luck!

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