Causes of Hair Loss for men and women

Now a day’s Hair loss is a very common problem with both genders across the world. Few

People who are very particular about their hair immediately resort to measures. Others who do
not care about it eventually end up being bald or with patches. Again people also use to get
gels, creams and therapies etc. But you will be astonished to know about some home remedies
that can not only help us to prevent hair loss but also it promote hair growth, shine and more.
Various common causes of hair loss are listed below.

Major causes of Hair Loss


One of the big causes of hair loss is a hormone called 'DHT'. DHT binds with hair follicles
and is thought to prevent nutrients from reaching and feeding the hair.
In order to treat hair loss caused by DHT, patient can go for medication such as Propecia, which
reduces DHT production in the body. There are also topical treatments, which may block DHT in
the scalp, but the effectiveness of these treatments is unknown.


Proper diet is also important to prevent hair loss or to have good quality hair.
Insufficient/improper diet is one of the largest causes of hair loss fall in very young age or adults.
Many nutritional deficiencies can result in hair fall. Deficiency of nutrients like vitamin A, B12,
B6, folic acid, vitamin C, biotic, copper, iron, zinc, etc. can cause hair fall. Hair fall can also be a
sign of vitamin A toxicity and deficiency. Lack of proper nourishment can lead to hair brittle,
dry, kinky, and with split-ends. Therefore, it is very essential to have proper and balanced diet
to have good quality hair and prevent hair loss.


Generally, with age, hair falls. As a person ages, scalp loses its grip on hair, which results in hair
loss. Generally, male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness are both result of age-
related hair loss.

Medical Treatment:

People undergoing medical treatment can experience hair loss. However, the loss can be
reversible; it takes a toll on whole head once. People on chemotherapy can end of losing all
hair. Similar is with birth control pills and many high-strength antibiotics.


Stress is a cause of hair loss but it also creates premature aging and many other signs of
reduced health. Stress not only causes poorer blood circulation (due to tension in muscles such
as shoulders and neck, among other things). Additionally stress causes a depletion of key
vitamins needed for hair growth, including B vitamins.
Stress can be treated using techniques including positive affirmations, exercise, increased sleep
and improved sleep patterns, intelligent nutritional plans, the Emotional Freedom Technique,
meditation, hypnosis and subliminal mind training.

Other less significant causes of hair loss


Research has shown that people living in highly polluted areas are likely to suffer from
increased hair loss due to inhalation of air born toxins.


Hair loss is common after pregnancy, due to hormonal changes. Often the lost hair will regrow
but not always. Techniques can be used to encourage regrowth including some highly
nutritional diet that feeds the hair and improves hormonal balance.


Smoking causes a major restriction in blood vessels at the surface of the skin -- this is exactly
what you don't want if you're concerned about your hair. Since it's important that blood flows
to the scalps surface in order to feed the hair, restricting that blood flow may impact on hair

Iron deficiency

If you think iron deficiency may be a cause of your hair loss get a blood test to check. To
increase your iron levels eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables such as baby leaf spinach and

Overuse of cosmetic products

It would be possible that overuse of cosmetic products such as gels, waxes etc may have an
impact on hair growth. Mainly most of hair styling products contains chemicals that can be toxic
to the body, absorption through the scalp on a day to day basis.

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