Benefits of living in village

Benefits of living in village

In the modern Indian village life is easier and safer than the crowded and polluted urban area. Accessibility and availability of every necessary things to enjoy a peaceful and healthy life is easy and less costly inside the rural area of country. Opportunity are also increasing rapidly in these areas.Below are some key benefits of living in village.


1. You can live a peaceful and quiet life

The city is always busy and noisy. There are a lot of vehicles and people in the road. Noises come from everywhere: traffic noises, industrial noises, construction building noises, and noises from your neighbors and living area. However, in villages, you never need to worry about these noises. You could get deep sleep at night and enjoy a quiet stroll at daytime.In the urban area life is so hard and stressful, everyday people have to work for whole day under high pressure to secure their jobs or business(This is not true for already settled person but yes it is everyday story of a real common man). I closely observed the work life balance of villages and city and found that work life balance in modern village(a village where education level and development is up to the mark) is far better than modern city.

2. You take fresh air everyday under open sky

If you haven’t lived in villages, you could not image how fresh the air is. There’s no automobile exhaust, drainage ditches, smelly waste… While you almost have to wear a breathing mask to go out in city life, you take fresh air every day from dawn to dark by living in villages. If you never visited to a village so far then you can't imagine the feeling of fresh air under open sky. This feeling is really awesome and fills our body with super natural energy to live long and healthy.

3. You eat fresh, green and clean vegetables

All food needs to be purchased from supermarket or local malls if you live in a city. To eat fresh vegetables, you have to get up early and rush into the market. However, the situation is totally different if you live in villages. You could grow various kinds of vegetables by yourself. You control the fertilizing and pesticide to make sure the vegetables are green and clean.Did you ever got a change to eat a fruit or vegetable just after breaking it from farm or garden? I believe inside urban area it is not possible but in rural or village you can do it every day.Is it not a big Benefits of living in village ?

4. You spend less in villages

Undoubtedly, living costs in villages are much lower. The price of commodities is lower in villages than that of city lifestyle. That means to purchase the same quantity of a commodity, you spend less money in village lifestyle. Also, since there are less consumer options, you could make a big saving to keep your money stayed.

5. You will never feel alone and better social life

Most people living in cities would have the same feeling: they’re surrounded by people only 10 meters away, but they feel alone. There’s little communication between neighbors, and friends may be tens of kilometers away. To kill loneliness, they watch movies online, play online games, go out for a short travel… However, while living in villages, you will never feel alone. Every morning you could say hi to your neighbors and you may live within only 20 feet away from your friends. You meet strangers everywhere in a city but the whole village is not strange to you at all.In my opinion this is one of the best benefits of living in village .

6. You do more physical exercise

While there are a lot of traffic tools that could save physical exercise in cities, life in villages can be very physical. Every activity in village life requires physical exercise, like working with the land, sowing seeds into the land, chopping and collecting wood for the winter, walking along old path, or going to a nearby shop. It is said that a thirty minutes active walk will tone your system for the next 4 hours, while village life produces more opportunities for you to do more than a thirty-minute active walk.

7. You can embrace a beautiful night sky

With the industrial pollution, what you can see in city nights are only sparking lights from various houses, traffic lights, vehicle lights and street lamps, but not stars and moon on the sky. However, in village area, you could embrace a clean and beautiful night sky with thousands of stars twinkling. In a moonlit night, you could see far away from your house roof and everything is so clear and clean in your eyes.

8. You’re not obsessed with trends

When you’re living in a city, you need to check whether your clothes are fashionable or not before you go out as others might laugh at you for being out of fashion. You might be easily driven by hot topics like stocks, gossips, Hollywood movies or stars, cars… even though you don’t like these things. But you would never get driven to these by your village friend circles. You could live as simple and freely as you like.

9. No crowed so You don’t have to worry about parking

If you have a car, you will know how difficult it is to find a paid parking spot in crowded cities, not even to say a free parking spot! However, if you used to live in villages, you will know how easy it is to find a free and easy parking space. There’s no traffic police who writes a ticket and then mails it to you in villages for a roadside parking. There’s no traffic light and no traffic jam.I know this seems a funny benefits of living in village but yes it is also a big benefit for many.

10. You are safer in villages

The huge pressure of city life makes a lot of people corrupted. There are lots of crimes in the city. Many thefts and murders often take place in the city. Meanwhile, there are much more vehicles in city, which results in frequent traffic accidents. While in villages, few traffic accidents happen. Another element that brings danger to you is epidemic disease, most of which extend from one city to another city. People living in cities are more vulnerable to many diseases because of the sedentary lifestyle and fast food intake. These things become less possible in villages.

11.More connected to Nature

In the village you will be in touch with natural resources like birds,trees,river sun sat sites and many more.Every morning you can wake up with the noise of birds around your home and if you are near to any river or lake then you can go there to feel the beauty of natural things. You don't think how much it would be exiting.

12.More fun and better life

Life in the village are more fun and enjoyable.For child it is good to enjoy their childhood better than in city. People have more time to take care about them-self to make their life lighter and en-joyful. Village people does a lots of activity only for fun which makes their life so cool and purposeful.

13.Availability of natural resources

We knows availability of natural resources like water ,pure air  etc are getting reduces day by day. As various research said that after 20-30 years water problem would be the biggest problem inside all major cities of India.But in villages where people are educated and aware about care of natural resources there is less probability of water crises.

Apart from above benefits of living in village there are many more but on the same time I want to clarify that these all benefits are possible only in those rural area or village which have all the modern resources like road,education center,markets,mobile/internet,television etc.


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